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    A Marriage Therapist’s Fire Place When conducting marriage therapy I hear a lot of hopelessness. Couples hitting tough patches in their relationship. Wondering if it’s too late. Questioning if it can get better with marriage counseling. Sometimes, there’s an expectation that they cannot turn things …

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    Rules for a Happy Marriage

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    Something has changed. Perhaps men are more willing to ask for coaching, counseling, or a consultation or women are more independent or just plain “fed up”. When I started doing Relationship Coaching and Marriage Counseling in suburban Philadelphia, PA., the norm was that wives dragged …

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  • Rollercoaster

    Substance Use Disorders & PARENTS: Paths to Change

    “It’s a hero’s journey when your life and relationships are impacted by a child’s substance use disorder. And impacted they are. In ways that are unimaginable.  A roller coaster of emotions.”  Deb Owens Parents long for a healthy loving relationship with their child. It’s so …

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    Is Therapy the Last Cell Free Zone?

    Was it a decade ago when I first noticed someone talking on a cell while in the chair lift line at a ski resort? It was new then. A surprise. People noticed. There was even a little head shaking. A couple of years went by …

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  • Velcro & Teflon: A Therapist’s POV, Deb Owens counselor, Chestnut Hill, PA

    Velcro & Teflon: A Therapist’s POV

    How Change in Therapy can be Sticky (or not) Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about stories and storytelling. As a therapist I’m often amazed at how the same story can be a story of resilience for some and a story of defeat for others. …

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    Mindfulness Infographic

    Mindfulness Mindfulness is defined as a state of active, open attention on the PRESENT. Mindfulness brings greater peace and calmness while helping us  better manage stressor, improve our mood, be more present in parenting, reduce cravings. When you practice mindfulness, as it is a practice that takes practice, …

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  • The Blame Game

    The Blame Game

    Relationships & Blaming As a counselor who specializes in relationships I’ve been thinking lately about patterns. One of the cycles we sometimes experience in our relationships is BLAME. Blame can rear its head in relationships with partners, children, siblings, and in our role as parents …

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  • Alcohol/Drugs:Parent Enabling & Empathy

    A Child’s Addiction: Keeping Parents Connected & Hopeful

    The anxiety can be relentless. Parent can’t sleep. Focusing on work or other relationships seems impossible. Irritability and fear dominate your thoughts. It can feel so, so alone. As a Licensed Counselor and Therapist, I work with these brave, caring, resilient parents trying to figure …

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  • Addiction Recovery:Yellow Lines

    Addiction Recovery:Yellow Lines

    A Therapist’s Take on Risk in Addiction & Codependence Recovery  I’m about to attend a conference on Addiction & Behavioral Health. As I wait for the train into Center City Philadelphia from my counseling office in Chestnut Hill, I observe and photograph the yellow line. …

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