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Practice Coaching

Coaching for an Ethical Successful Private Practice

Private Practice Coaching PhiladelphiaLooking for private practice coaching? Therapists new to private practice, those who are struggling, counselors who wish to grow, expand, or upgrade their practice model, or counselors looking to leave the managed care world and transition to private pay are my ideal coaching clients.

I also coach therapists looking to leverage their skill set in the corporate world in  areas related to organizational effectiveness. (see cred in that area below and here)

I’ve experienced the ebbs and flows of establishing a private practice and so am grounded in the process of actually doing this part of the work.

I can be your guide on that journey.

No one taught us this in graduate school. That’s OK. We can learn it now

There are plenty of outstanding private practice coaches with all the bells and whistles. Many excel if you are looking to be a social media ninja or nationally known expert. Some are outstanding coaches and this is all they do. Their skills as coaches, especially in areas that are techie, are noteworthy.

Countless webinars are available to help with the nuts and bolts. These are best suited and work well for those where a large group learning process or ready made email support is how you learn best.

However, we each need something specific for our personal private practice vision, style, journey, and reality.

My approach is targeted. It is designed for therapists who want to grow a successful solo practice with good fit clients whom you can help but prefer a more low key marketing approach or who learn best when the conversation is geared toward their unique needs and stage of this journey.

Practical. No promises of people lining up at your door.

No fear based upselling, “secrets” or “sales funnels” with the goal to get you to sign up for endless webinars or coaching programs.

No advice from someone with over the top claims and who may not even have a real practice of their own.

I’ve done this.


  • These coaching sessions are for new or experienced therapists looking for down to earth, genuine, targeted suggestions.
  • Coaching sessions are designed to help you build or grow a quality, ethical, and successful private counseling practice with or without being on insurance panels or with a hybrid.
  • My niche is ideal for you if you wish to transition from an insurance based to a private fee model or want to
  • leverage your background in the business or corporate world or offer consulting or clinical supervision too.

Deb’s Cred

After my first two years of struggling I was able to transition off insurance panels. For the last 5+ yrs. I’ve maintained a managed care free full capacity private practice in the Chestnut Hill section of Philadelphia, with wonderful good fit clients who get positive traction and results in treatment.

This translates for me into outstanding and emotionally rewarding work and as a biz owner into financially robust results.

I also facilitate a full monthly 3 hr. clinical supervision group and hold contracts with corporations including Fortune 100 companies. I’ve provided training, and team building at agencies and mental health and addiction treatment programs e.g. Acadia Health System, Brook Glen Behavioral Health, Family Services, University of Pennsylvania, University of Pennsylvania Health System, and Rehab After Work.

I conduct executive coaching, training, consultation, team experiences, leadership retreats, and crises response at large and mid-size corporations including Fortune 100 companies such as:

3M, Astra Zeneca, Merrill Lynch, Johnson & Johnson, Prudential, Glaxo, Morgan Stanley, US Water, American Red Cross, Towers Perrin, Mellon Financial, as well as small and family run businesses.

I can help if you’d like to expand your skill set for that type of work.

You in Private Practice

Private Practice CoachingMaybe you don’t see yourself spending endless hrs. running around in real life or on-line. Not everyone is comfortable showing up at a Physician’s office with brochures and food. Or spending excessive hours marketing a practice on social media with questionable results.

You may be the type of therapist that prefers straightforward laser like coaching that meets your unique needs exactly where you are in this process.

Is this you?

A Gentler Un-Marketing (is that a word?) Focus to include:

  • On-line presence, defining and highlighting your niche, fee arrangements, SEO basics, suggestions for any tech help that are based solely on my personal recommendation not quid pro quo, kickback, or affiliate fees.
  • How to Blog to attract good fit clients even if you are too busy and don’t have time or a natural inclination for it.
  • How to manage private practice anxiety and develop an attitude of positive expectation. That isn’t as simple as it sounds.
  • Attracting and retaining good fit clients who will do well in your practice.

No Charge 10 min. phone consult to learn how I can help you grow your private practice.

Investment- by phone, in person, or online:

  • 55 min. coaching session: 195.
  • 2 hr. consult deep dive 375.
  • Packages of three 45 min. private practice coaching sessions 497.
  • Monthly 20 min. accountability check in: 75.  Tax deductible, of course.

If you a ready to start, grow, or upgrade your private practice:
Call or text me at 215-802-6521, or contact me at or use the form below.

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