Private Practice Trapeze

Private Practice Coaching

New therapists or those hoping to leave managed care and create a full fee private practice often struggle.

They want to move forward.

To take a leap.

Like being on a trapeze.

You see the next swing lying in wait for you.  You notice and study it.  All that you need to do is grab it.

But you cannot trust that process yet.

Perhaps you need to swing longer on your current rung. To build more muscle so once you grab the new one you’ll be ready.

Maybe you jump back to the safety of the platform.

How and when to leap is unique to each of us. You can fill up more quickly with certain niches, or if willing to work more evenings or weekends, or if your fee is lower, or you are in a wealthy area.  We can’t compare how long it takes us to fill up with others who say they are “full”.  Full is relative.

No one can tell you when to let go.

Isn’t there supposed to be a safety net underneath? For some, the net is non- existent or full of holes.

For others that net is full of comfort like having your personal health insurance through a partners’ plan.

Or perhaps the net is that you are currently choosing to work fewer hours because you have young kids at home or a family member to take care of and need flexibility so don’t want a full practice at this time.

Or you have other income that will sustain you while you build your clinical case load.

Maybe the net is being on insurance plans and you don’t quite believe you can attract and keep full fee clients. That argument may have merit. Geography can play a role in this.

But for many, perhaps most of us, confidence is the culprit.

Being able to ride the wave of anxiety associated with this entrepreneurial journey is the ability most in demand.

No amount of coaching, social media, or networking will help you develop that skill set.

Because here’s the deal.

For those of us who have actually built a legit, genuine full fee private practice, we had to manage weeks or months of feast followed by famine.  Again and again.

Getting traction. Then losing it. Then regaining it only to drop back again.

That’s what private practice looks like.

A long twisted swing back and forth on that trapeze. We think we know when to leap. But we don’t really.

We only notice that we are on the new trapeze, after the fact. When we can now look back.

Forget the coaches who yell “go, leap”, or shame you for your fears,  or promise “secrets” to success.


leap when you are ready.

Catch yourself.

Deb Owens is a Licensed Professional Counselor in PA.  She has a full fee private practice that she loves. Deb also provides practice coaching, clinical supervision, and conducts consultations, team building, training and leadership retreats for organizations and corporations. She loves to be that helping hand to grab onto to help clinicians get to the next swing on that trapeze. Check out her private practice coaching services on her site. 215-802-6521