MidLife Crisis: Myth or Reality?

Mid Life Transitions: Stressful or Transformative?

Normal Stages

MidLife Crisis: Myth or Reality? Deb Owens Counselor, Chestnut Hill, PAMidlife represents a normal stage of life with some predictable and not so predictable experiences. The term crisis conjures up images of men and women in their 40s and 50s trying to recapture their youth often by acting out in ways that reinforce stereotypes.

However, most people manage this process without disrupting what really matters to them. They may not rewrite their story but they find empowerment to author the next chapter so the story evolves.

“We own our stories or they own us. We either walk inside our stories and own them or we stand outside our stories and hustle for our worthiness. When you can say, “Yes this happened to me, but I own this story and here’s how it’s going to end,” you become the narrator of the story, not the subject. ” Brene Brown


Middle age or Mid-Life can be a time of joy, searching, and rediscovery. We begin to contemplate and jump into the next chapter of our lives. If you have children, those relationships are changing and if your parents are still alive they may need you to take on a different role than what you’ve had over the last few decades especially if you are a caretaker.

As I hear from my counseling clients in Chestnut Hill and Montgomery County, career challenges may also come into play.

Doubt & Turmoil may be inevitable and yet…

Losses occur. Grief over real or imagined possibilities. What we expected from life or our relationships.

There can be relationship turmoil, depression, or anxiety yet this transitional period may also mark a period of tremendous growth.


It can be a time of renewed energy, commitments, and contentment if you put a little energy into retooling and processing these challenges so you can successfully navigate through midlife as a couple or as an individual.


Deb Owens is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Therapist in Montgomery County near Blue Bell and Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, PA near Lafayette Hill. She provides couples and individual therapy for adults only. Counselor specialties include anxiety, grief, stress, relationships, executive coaching, and those effected by their own or a love one’s alcohol or drug use. 215-802-6521 www.debowens.com

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