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  • Adult Children of Alcoholics

    Adult Children of Alcoholics

    Adults who grew up in a household where one or both parents had any type of addiction may find themselves struggling with relationships in their personal lives or at work. Many ACOAs (adult children of alcoholics or addicts) want to believe that they’ve somehow escaped the clutches …

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  • Couples Counseling Communication Skills

    Many times clients at my counseling service in Chestnut Hill and Fort Washington, PA talk about not feeling heard or understood. Friends and family members may mean well but we can all miss the mark when given an opportunity to respond to another’s pain, challenge, …

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  • Nagging & Criticism

    Nagging & Criticism

    Does “nagging” and criticism work to change your spouse or partner’s behavior? As a Marriage Counselor and Couples and Relationship expert I can’t help but see the wisdom in this approach. It’s important to review your strategy and if its not working to improve what …

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  • Stress 101

    As a Licensed Counselor near Lafayette Hill, PA, I hear how our 24/7 world can be stressful causing otherwise successful people to feel like their thoughts have been hijacked by anxiety. The worry bully in our brains. Check out this 10 min. video (click full …

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  • New Leaf Club

    Free Stress Mgt. Seminar New Leaf Club

    I’ll be presenting at the New Leaf Club Monday. Feel free to attend. Open to all.

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  • Marriage Map

    Marriage Map

    As a Marriage Therapist in Chestnut Hill, and Montgomery County, PA I like to show clients this marriage map (click on map to view fully) from Michelle Weiner- Davis, author of Divorce Busting, the Sex Starved Marriage, and the Divorce Remedy. Stages of Marriage So many couples …

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  • Communication: Men & Needing to Fix it

    As a Marriage Therapist, I know that Communication challenges with couples often can be viewed from the perspective of gender differences. While we all know that men have a higher need to want to respond in a way that fixes the problem women on the …

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  • Stages of Change Counseling

    Stages of Change Counseling

    As a Philadelphia area Counselor, I often use the concepts and suggestions related to The Stages of Change Model. This is recognized as a well-researched theory of change developed by James Prochaska and Carlo DiClemente from the University of Rhode Island. According to this change …

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  • Counseling Reluctance is Normal

    Counseling Reluctance is Normal

    The Counseling Process Everyone experiences challenges in life. You are not crazy to seek out counseling or personal coaching. The opposite is true. Successful human beings recognize when it’s time to take advantage of quality therapy resources to get their life or relationship back on …

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  • Couples Counseling: Chore Wars

    Couples Counseling: Chore Wars

    Many times one member of a couple gets upset and irritated that her spouse or partner leaves dishes in the sink, socks on the rug, toys laying around, you name it. Frequently the interpretation is that “he” just doesn’t care. Based on over two decades …

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