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  • Depression & Seasonal Affective Disorder in Winter

    Winter is Coming: How’s Your Mood?

    Yes, depression can be associated with winter. Those living in northern climates often see a lowering of mood during the winter months. We all feel it to one degree or another. These months can be brutal. Low light levels can lead to hormonal shifts resulting …

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  • A Marriage Therapist's POV on Chores

    A Marriage Therapist’s POV on Chores

    Marriage Musings As a marriage counselor, I think a lot about communication. Men and women seem to differ in how they view the essence, yes I said essence, of chores. I realize these are considered to be gender stereotypes, however, from my point of view …

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  • Relationship with Alcohol: Make up or Break Up?

    Relationship with Alcohol: Make up or Break Up?

    Can we have a relationship with alcohol? Let’s consider how a “relationship” with alcohol matters. How there may be a difference from when alcohol is a minor or more serious problem. In other words when it drifts from a casual relationship to a more serious one …

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  • ACA/ACOAs:Top 9 Traits for Adult Children of Alcoholics

    ACA/ACOAs:Top 9 Traits for Adult Children of Alcoholics

    Yes, I said it. I have a top 9 for ACOAs. We’ve all seen some variation of characteristics that are correlated with growing up in a household affected, directly or indirectly, by a parent’s use of alcohol or drugs. Common ACOA traits include: Adult children …

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  • Marriage Counseling & Men

    Marriage Counseling & Men

    Something has changed. Perhaps men are more willing to ask for coaching, counseling, or a consultation or women are more independent or just plain “fed up”. When I started doing Relationship Coaching and Marriage Counseling in suburban Philadelphia, PA., the norm was that wives dragged their …

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  • Small Changes in Counseling

    Small Changes in Counseling

    CHOICES Perhaps today you take a walk instead of watching TV or surfing the web. Maybe you choose to put your partner’s needs above your own and compliment him or her on what they did well. Or you overcome an urge to engage is a …

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  • MidLife Crisis: Myth or Reality?

    MidLife Crisis: Myth or Reality?

    Mid Life Transitions: Stressful or Transformative? Normal Stages Midlife represents a normal stage of life with some predictable and not so predictable experiences. The term crisis conjures up images of men and women in their 40s and 50s trying to recapture their youth often by …

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  • How Relationship Counseling Works (sort of)

    How Relationship Counseling Works (sort of)

    How Counseling Works Relationship counseling can be a mysterious process.  Lots of variables. Here’s an interesting take on one aspect of counseling for relationships gone off track. Architecture of Life An acquaintance recently needed the foundation of their home strengthened. Due to some faulty work when …

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  • Relationships & Cell Phones

    Relationships & Cell Phones

    As a Philadelphia area Licensed Counselor, I see so many couples, individuals, and families who are struggling with a sense of disconnection. TETHERED At a time when our cell phones allow us to be tethered to the workplace and the larger world many of us …

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  • Counseling:Challenges of Life

    Counseling: Challenges of Life

    Encountering Potholes on the Road of Life In the Philadelphia area, there can be potholes in local roads, especially after difficult or “stormy” weather.  The first time you go over one it can be startling.  Your vehicle shakes.  For a moment you don’t know what …

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