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Our 24/7 world can be stressful, causing otherwise successful people to get out of balance in their lives. I help professionals and couples get back on track. Perhaps you are on a counseling site because something is bothering you. Relationships, anxiety, transitions, concern about your own or family member's alcohol or drug use or if you grew up with an alcoholic parent, or something you want: less stress, better relationships, peace. Good news: effective, quality counseling works. In my private boutique counseling setting in Chestnut Hill and Montgomery County, PA, together we’ll collaborate to get your life, work, or relationships working. It's time to feel better.


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Deb Owens, Licensed Counselor, Relationship Coach




Counseling or Therapy is an investment in your life, relationships, health, well being, and future.

Compassionate,  results oriented. We’ll work together to help you reach your goals and find more peace and happiness.

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MOOD: worrying, anxiety, depression, stress, panic attacks, CBT

ADDICTION or misuse: alcohol, drugs, Codependence, dealing with a love one’s alcohol or drug use, adult children of alcoholics, ACA counseling

•RELATIONSHIPS: individual relationship coach, marriage or couples counselor

TRANSITIONS: midlife, young adults

You can be confident that I’ll be with you to inspire, challenge, and encourage.

Let’s get you feeling better. Live the life you deserve.

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It’s tough trying to figure out how to make a marriage or relationship work. I get it. I’ve been there.

As your marriage therapist or relationship counselor, I’ll help you to get unstuck from unhelpful patterns.

  • Trust or intimacy challenges

  • Tense over family, parenting, finances, chores

  • Feel like roommates, drifting apart?

  • Relationship coaching or couples counseling helps  

Struggle is inevitable. A necessary part of every relationship. We can’t grow a strong and healthy marriage without challenges.

Don’t want to wait until it worsens. There is hope. See marriage map.

Through marriage or relationship counseling you can discover tools to improve communication skills and connection.

With your commitment and right kind of effort together, your marriage or relationship can bounce back. You can be close and caring again.

Stop worrying about your marriage or relationship; through counseling you can learn to feel good about it again.

It may be hard work for a while; the rewards are worth it.

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  • Pond

    Small Changes in Counseling

    CHOICES Perhaps today you take a walk instead of watching TV or surfing the web.  Maybe you choose to put your partner’s needs above your own and compliment him or her on what they did well. Or you overcome an urge to engage is a …

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  • Tram Close Lo

    MidLife Crisis: Myth or Reality?

    Mid Life Transitions: Stressful or Transformative? Normal Stages Midlife represents a normal stage of life with some predictable and not so predictable experiences. The term crisis conjures up images of men and women in their 40s and 50s trying to recapture their youth often by …

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  • 5 H Block Lomo 1

    How Relationship Counseling Works (sort of)

    How Counseling Works Relationship counseling can be a mysterious process.  Lots of variables. Here’s an interesting take on one aspect of counseling for relationships gone off track. Architecture of Life An acquaintance recently needed the foundation of their home strengthened. Due to some faulty work when …

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  • Do Texting

    Relationships & Cell Phones

    As a Philadelphia area Licensed Counselor, I see so many couples, individuals, and families who are struggling with a sense of disconnection. TETHERED At a time when our cell phones allow us to be tethered to the workplace and the larger world many of us …

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  • Counseling3

    Alcohol/Drugs:Parent Enabling

    As a Certified Addiction Counselor and Licensed Professional Counselor serving Montgomery County and the Philadelphia area, I work with many parents of teens and young adults. Most of these families are concerned about their child’s use of alcohol or drugs. In some cases these behaviors occur along …

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  • Car In Pothole5

    Counseling:Challenges of Life

    Encountering Potholes on the Road of Life In the Philadelphia area, there can be potholes in local roads, especially after difficult or “stormy” weather.  The first time you go over one it can be startling.  Your vehicle shakes.  For a moment you don’t know what …

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  • Acaphoto

    Adult Children of Alcoholics

    Adults who grew up in a household where one or both parents had any type of addiction may find themselves struggling with relationships in their personal lives or at work. Many ACOAs (adult children of alcoholics or addicts) want to believe that they’ve somehow escaped the clutches …

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  • P1010003

    Seasonal Depression

    Depression can be associated with winter. Those living in northern climates often see a lowering of mood during the winter months. Low light levels can lead to hormonal shifts resulting in lethargy and depression sometimes called the “Winter Blues”, Depression, or “Seasonal Affective Disorder.” (SAD) …

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  • Bigstock Close Up Of Middle Aged Couple 13902659

    Men & Couples Counseling

    When I started doing Relationship Coaching and Marriage Counseling in suburban Philadelphia, PA., the norm was that wives dragged their husbands to couples therapy. Over the past several years, the opposite has been my experience. In fact, husbands initiate the call for counseling with me …

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  • Communication Skill: Empathy

    Many times clients at my counseling service in Chestnut Hill and Fort Washington, PA talk about not feeling heard or understood. Friends and family members may mean well but we can all miss the mark when given an opportunity to respond to another’s pain, challenge, …

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  • Asian Couple Kitchen Knives Fight

    Nagging & Criticism

    Does “nagging” and criticism work to change your spouse or partner’s behavior? As a Marriage Counselor and Couples and Relationship expert I can’t help but see the wisdom in this approach. It’s important to review your strategy and if its not working to improve what …

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  • Stress 101

    As a Licensed Counselor near Lafayette Hill, PA, I hear how our 24/7 world can be stressful causing otherwise successful people to feel like their thoughts have been hijacked by anxiety also known as  the worry bully in our brains. Check out this 10 min. …

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  • 001

    Mindfulness: My Infographic

    Mindfulness Info-graphic: A common definition of Mindfulness describes it as a state of active, open attention on the present. When you’re mindful, you observe your thoughts and feelings from a distance, without judging them good or bad. WHAT IS IT? Instead of letting your life …

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  • Gkxxxflrxenewleafclub

    Free Stress Mgt. Seminar New Leaf Club

    I’ll be presenting at the New Leaf Club Monday. Feel free to attend. Open to all.

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  • Photo 22

    Marriage Map

    As a Marriage Therapist in Chestnut Hill, PA I like to show clients this marriage map (click on map to view fully) from Michelle Weiner- Davis, author of Divorce Busting. So many couples think they are in dire straits when they are simply in a …

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  • Communication: Men & Needing to Fix it

    As a Marriage Therapist, I know that Communication challenges with couples often can be viewed from the perspective of gender differences. While we all know that men have a higher need to want to respond in a way that fixes the problem women on the …

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  • Changing Illustration Big1

    Stages of Change Counseling

    As a Philadelphia area Counselor, I often use the concepts and suggestions related to The Stages of Change Model. This is recognized as a well-researched theory of change developed by James Prochaska and Carlo DiClemente from the University of Rhode Island.  According to this theory, …

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  • Bigstock Man Relaxing While Woman Doing 12520739

    Couple’s Brains & Chores

    Do you agree that when it comes to our relationships the gender differences within our brains play a role? I do. Yes, I said it. Sure, I know these are gender stereotypes but guess what, they are often valid observations. One member of a couple, …

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  • Flat Tire Miami Beach Girl Phone

    Counseling Reluctance is Normal

    The Counseling Process Everyone experiences challenges in life. You are not crazy to seek out counseling or personal coaching. The opposite is true.  Successful human beings recognize when it’s time to take advantage of quality therapy resources to get their life or relationship back on …

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  • Couplespix

    Couples Counseling: Chore Wars

    Many times one member of a couple gets upset and irritated that her spouse or partner leaves dishes in the sink, socks on the rug, toys laying around, you name it. Frequently the interpretation is that “he” just doesn’t care. Based on over two decades …

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  • Change

    Counseling Readiness:Tips and Strategies for Change 2/2

    Pre-Contemplation This is a good time to gather data. You can educate yourself about the identified problem It may be true that other people or circumstances are fostering the problem but it works best if you can begin to assume some ownership since you can …

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  • Sl1 1024x768

    Conferencing in Second Life: A Newbie’s POV

     Deb Owens, LPC, CACD, CEAP I’m in my office pondering how to get more of those pesky continuing education credits that all licensed and certified counselors must obtain within their credentialing cycle.  An intriguing announcement on a professional message board catches my eye. It details …

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