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Perhaps you're on a counseling site because something is bothering you. Anxiety, relationships, young adult or mid-life transitions, concern about your own or family member's alcohol or drug use. Something you want: less stress, better relationships, peace. Our 24/7 world can cause otherwise successful people to get out of balance in their lives. I help courageous professionals and couples get back on track. Good news: effective, quality counseling works. In a private boutique counseling setting, or on-line, we'll work together to get your life or relationships working again. It's time to feel better. Help is here.


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Deb Owens, Licensed Counselor, Relationship Coach




Where’s that map we never got on how to manage stressors and challenges?

Through counseling, we work together to help you reach your goals and find more peace and happiness.

Counseling or Therapy is an investment in your life, relationships, health, well being, and future.

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MOOD: worrying, anxiety, depression, stress, panic attacks, CBT therapy

ADDICTION or misuse: alcohol, drugs, codependence, concern about a love one’s alcohol or drug use, adult children of alcoholics, aca counseling

•RELATIONSHIPS: individual counselor, marriage or couples therapist

TRANSITIONS: counseling for midlife, young adults, parenting

I help successful people upgrade their life and relationships. You can be confident that I’ll be with you to inspire, challenge, and encourage.

Let’s get you feeling better. Live the life you deserve.

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I get it. I’ve been there. It’s tough trying to figure out how to make a marriage or relationship work.

They never gave us a manual on how to have a healthy, long term relationship or marriage.

Where’s the GPS for relationships?

As your marriage counselor, I’ll help you to get unstuck from unhelpful patterns.

  • Trust or intimacy challenges
  • Tense over family, parenting, chores
  • Feel like roommates, drifting apart?
  • Relationship coaching or couples counseling helps  

Struggle is inevitable. A necessary part of every relationship. We can’t grow a strong and healthy marriage without challenges.

Don’t wait until it worsens. There is hope.

Through relationship or marriage counseling you can discover tools to improve communication skills and connection. Get your relationship back on track.

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With your commitment and right kind of effort together, your marriage can bounce back. Marriage counseling can help you be close and caring again.

Stop worrying about your marriage or relationship. Through individual or couples counseling, learn to feel good about it again.

It may be hard work for a while. The rewards are worth it.

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Book an Appointment Work with me. Read more about my counselor specialties, fees, insurance, and location. If it sounds like a good fit to work together call (215) 802-6521, email, or click to book an individual or couples or marriage counseling session or a 10 min. no charge phone consult to learn how I can help you.